D is for Daughter

I thought today was the perfect day to blog about my daughter, although she doth protest 😉

I refer to her as Arty Daughter because she is…arty. She is a very talented artist who doesn’t have enough faith in her own ability. Her DeviantArt account is here (on DA she is TheDarkfellProject) and although she has protested that she’s ‘only uploaded one piece of her art to her online gallery and it’s nowhere near her best work’ (exhibit A, below) – I’m still posting the link because she is someone to keep an eye on (particularly if manga and graphic novels are your thing), and also because She Is My Daughter & Very Talented.

We often talk about what inspires us, and even though superficially art and writing seem very different mediums, it’s surprising how often we have similar problems, ideas or sources of inspiration.

She also deserves a pat on the back for listing me on her DeviantArt profile as her favourite writer 🙂 Cinders, you shall  go to the ball.

2 thoughts on “D is for Daughter”

  1. I love that you created a post about your daughter, she’s lucky to have such a supportive mum who will obviously be her biggest fan when her art career takes off. 🙂 Anyone who creates something is an artist I think, we’re all in this together in a way. It’s interesting to discover that even though the art is different, the process can be the same, the inspiration and ideas, the hang-ups, etc.

    • Thanks Marie 🙂
      Actually when I sat down to wrote that post I had a really good example buzzing in my head – a lightbulb moment when my daughter said something about her art and I thought ‘that’s exactly how I feel about ~~~~’ – and no, I can’t remember, and that’s the problem! It went straight out of my head! I’m sure it will come back one day – probably mid-shoppinglist or something 😉


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