A-harrr, Me Hearties, Win A Prize!

Ahoy there, landlubbers, it do be me, Cap’n Alison, that’s havin’ a prize suitable for younger readers, on account of it bein’ Talk Like A Pirate Day.

It do be Anna Nilsen’s Pirates, which is a puzzle book which bids ye get “All Aboard For Hours Of Puzzling Fun!” It were the last thing she wer a’writin a’fore I made her walk the plank.

 But, avast ye! Ye cannot ‘ope to be winnin’ the treasure just by bein’ here, you scurvy bilge rats!! Nor will it come to ye for singing’ a shanty, callin’ on the help o’ Davy Jones, or offerin’ me yer last pieces of 8 (nor your last maggoty Rolo).

No! Ye ‘ave to be anserin’ of two questions, and they be powerful tricky. Happen findin’ the answers be more difficult than splicin’ the mainbrace whilst dancin’ a jig with a sea serpent a’crawlin down your trousers.

And there’s to be no ‘elp ‘ad from persky piratin’ parrots, either.

They be concernin’ my fav’rite piratin’ books.

1. Who wrote The Pirate Devlin (and was interviewed about it in Writing Magazine?)

2. Who wrote the children’s series High Seas Adventures (The Wreckers, The Smugglers, The Bucaneers?)

Be leavin’ of yer answers below in a comment, and if ye be the first t’answer correctly, I’ll be askin’ of ye to send me yer address in a bottle. Or if ye be modern, by email.


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