The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

What do you buy your Mum for Mother’s Day when she’s a writer? It turns out that my children have a fairly good idea.

Mothers Day 1Chocolates and a notebook!

Hmm. Yummy sustenance and that writer essential, the notebook.
But not any old notebook. This one’s special.

For a start, my daughter handmade it.


Mother's Day3

Mothers Day2


This is how it looks inside – gorgeous, isn’t it?



And even better, because my daughter knows me so well, on the outside it has two rather natty features.The cover consists entirely of random words for inspiration, AND – and this bit is the genius – it has a hook attached so that it can hang beside the toilet. Seriously. Because I am always bemoaning the fact that the minute I sit on the loo, I have inspiring thoughts, which my husband puts down to the fact that when I’m on the loo my brain mellows out because it knows I can’t be doing anything else at the same time. Of course now I need to attach a pen too!

MothersDay 4

 GENIUS. Thanks kids 🙂 x

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