N is for Nauseating: A List

Cruelty to animals.

Scotland Haggis.jpg

Forced marriage.

Those ‘sentimental sayings pictures’ on Facebook that people share – you know, the ones that seem to give the impression that vowing to always interfere in your child’s life, even when they’re an adult, is an admirable thing and not a symptom of your graspy neediness and control freak tendencies (er… no, it’s not admirable. It’s their life, you’ve got yours. Get over it.) Or that, no matter what, you should love your child/mum/dad/auntie whatever (er – statistically, a fair few of your friends you share this stuff with will have suffered some kind of abuse at the hands of a relative, or perhaps just plain don’t get on with them – and they don’t need you to make them feel guilty about not agreeing with the sentiment that ‘their Dad will always be their hero’ or ‘their Mum will always be their best friend’. ‘I know all of my friends are warm-hearted caring people so they will all share’... emotional blackmail at its very best!

How many people are honest enough to put what they really think in the comments…


As for the ones that are sexist claptrap created by people who can’t even spell… pur-lease!!

Lovely. A gratuitous depersonalised crotch shot and terrible punctuation and spelling.

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