T is for Timid: Timid Creatures

For some truly beautiful pictures of timid creatures, look no further than this amazing photo post by Tanja Askani that I found on Pet Junction, called, aptly enough, Timid Creatures.

Since we’ve moved to Cambridgeshire we’ve experienced some timid creatures of our own. We have lots of squirrel visitors (sometimes timid, sometimes not!) and birds – I’m a bit biased towards the Blue Tits and Robins as I’d only seen Blue Tits in real life in Scotland, and Robins never! So they’re still a novelty for me after 7 years.

File:Long eared owl young gfdl.jpeg
Photo by Tom Maack


What I love most though is hearing the owls call to each other at night. Previously we’ve had small Long-Eared Owls, with their ‘rusty gate’ or ‘squeaky hinge’ call – of course we can’t see them in the dark, but if we could this is what they would look like!


Cute, huh? And they really DO sound like a squeaky hinge.



File:Tawny Owl (4570449055).jpg
Photo by Magnus Manske




Last night we were lucky enough to hear Tawny Owls for the first time.

They were calling to each other and their call is a lot more like the typical ‘owl noise’! It was lovely.


I rather enjoy being surrounded by timid creatures – even when I only hear them!

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