Back to the Batcave

Apologies for my long absence. There were a few issues with the site hosting. Happily these are now resolved, but they meant I never did get round to XYZ in the A to Z blog challenge; really sorry about that. Next year I promise to try and do the whole alphabet, but this time the omission was due to events beyond my control.

File:Townsends in music hall.jpg
Photo by Dave Bunnell

In the mean time, here is a picture of a batcave. See? And you wondered where I was going with that…

Bats, it turns out, are  trogloxenes. Trogloxenes are species that use caves, but don’t spend their whole life cycle inside one. The things you learn from searching for a random bat cave picture…

These cuties are Townsend’s big-eared bats, hangin’ with their buddies in a cave in California.

Hangin’! Get it?


The next post will have less puns and more purpose. I promise.








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