G is for – things in my lounge?

Yes. Just when you thought I could scrape the bottom of my barrel no more, be reassured. I’m still a’scrapin, particularly when it’s late, I’ve had a very busy day and I’m a couple of posts behind.

Of necessity, the things in my lounge that begin with G reveal things about the family, not just me. I wonder if you could guess who owns what? You have the choice of me, nearly, ahem, 30-10, Techy Husband who is nearly 42, Arty Daughter who is nearly 15, and ConstructoBoy who is nearly 11.

Here goes:

DVDs – The Goonies, Garfield, GI Joe

CDs – rather depressingly we don’t seem to have any CDs in here whose titles begin with a G, so I’ve been forced to list artists for whom we have a Greatest Hits album But I’ve been scrupulously fair. I haven’t included ‘Best of’, ‘Ultimate Collection’, or – horror of horrors – just plain old ‘hits’. Oh no no no. This is quality.
So – Greatest Hits of: Duran Duran, Queen (I, II and III), The Bangles, Cher, Fleetwood Mac, The Kinks, Bruce Springsteen, Will Smith, Carly Simon

A Glue stick

A pair of gloves (waiting to be repaired)

Sadly, that’s it for objects beginning with G in my lounge.

Scared of leaving you feeling bereft, I shan’t leave you wihout revelaing that if you put Runham and g into Google, the first two pages of hits are all about Runham Garage in Great Yarmouth.
I have nothing whatsoever to tell you about this, except my ponderings –
1) they must get a lot of attention to have 2 pages of hits (possibly more – I got bored)
2) I wonder whether they would give us a discount on an MOT. Bit of a way to go though.

File:Grafham Water - geograph.org.uk - 1552523.jpg
Grafham Water by Shaun Ferguson

G is also for Grafham Water, which we live just a couple of miles away from, and the G is also for the large Geese that live there (purely to terrorise my daughter when she’s there for a picnic).

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