Nagged By Your Notebook (it could have been a novel, you know…)

Apologies if you’ve been deafened by my manic laughter. It’s the heady feeling of freedom, you know. That’s what’s to blame. Yes! My advanced creative writing course – and Diploma – are now over. Done. Ended.Β Finito. Now I just have to wait with fingers crossed to hear whether I’ve gained the right to be an incredibly sad muppet who puts Dip CW after my name.

I fear most people will think it means Care Work and try to drag me round to Auntie Rose’s house to change her colostomy bag because it’s come loose and it smells funny. Sigh…

Meanwhile, some things never end. And one of them is my love of stationery. ArtyDaughter came back from town the other week with a delectable little bit-smaller-than-A6-size project book in different shades of blue. This will be perfect for my handbag – small enough to fit in snugly, and with those lovely dividers so that my random thoughts can be organised for easy access later! Perfect.

And a few weeks earlier, ConstructoBoy got a box full of Waldo Pancake goodies for his birthday. (Be still, quivering heart; how can I not have known about these things before?) Amongst these treasures was a notebook:

Waldo Pancake Notebook - I could've been a novel.


Yes, I know. The front cover is enough to make your writing procrastination guilt come hotfooting it through your door. But the worst is yet to come. This quote is unfinished.
And when you turn it over, you see the end.

…instead of a stupid little notepad, which is what I am.’

You see? It really is a notebook that nags.
And they have other weapons in their arsenal too, these Pancake people.

There are others, but these were a few that I thought all the writers out there could relate to… πŸ˜‰Β  In case you’re tempted, you can buy them – and lots of other funky bookmarks, coasters etc – here

ConstructoBoy, great writer though he is, has not taken the hint and started a novel (though he did consider it. Bless the boy.) Instead he is writing down the details (lined pages) and drawing relevant pictures (plain pages) of a computer game he is designing. It features a lot of tanks of different kinds, and he is determined to get every fact right…

Thank heavens for the internet and Usborne’s Second World War cards πŸ™‚

6 thoughts on “Nagged By Your Notebook (it could have been a novel, you know…)”

    • Well I don’t know about standing still (sp! πŸ˜‰ ) but I do love my notebooks – most of mine at the moment are various butterfly designs from Wilkinsons, and rather sadly you can see pictures of some items here on my old blog! What is it about stationery?! It’s just so, so…yummy!

    • Thanks Val. You should have a look aty the website – lots of cool things, great for pressies! I like the bookmark that’s ‘compatible with all paperbacks and hardbacks’ πŸ˜‰

  1. Those are brilliant! haha I thought I was the only one who had an obsession with collecting things like that…I have more notebooks than I’ll use in my lifetime and yet still, I want more!

    • I know. It’s dangerous! I love notebooks, folders, project books…oh dear. But I’m also green aware and find myself saving the back of old unwanted print-outs for shopping lists – which means there’s a lot of paper in this house. What with that and the books, I think if the house insurance company came round, they’d want to double our premium πŸ˜‰


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