‘Twas NaNoWriMo Eve, And All Through The House…

…there was the smell of panic. And the sound of slightly hysterical laughter. (Oh no – I used an adverb! Flagellate me now!)

Status report follows:

car smells lovely. Rightly so. Just cost nearly £600 to fix and needs another £150 spending shortly.

  • boiler has broken. Boiler man said to husband: ‘Blimey! One of them that’s still working!’ when he saw the model of the boiler. This is Not a Good Sign. He is searching for a part and ringing tomorrow.
  • there is a lot of paperwork for work that I should be doing. And should have done. Gulp.
  • today daughter had 2 appointments, 2 of which I had to take her to.
  • between these appointments (nos. 1 & 3) I had to
  1. have lunch
  2. go to work no. 2 and do an hour
  3. go home to clear a path through study that’s undergoing major move, in case boiler man needed to look at tank and control panel too
  4. write 2 lengthy notes to family members in case timing of everything went pear shaped, timing wise, as children were not expecting boiler man
  5. prepare dinner (which burnt whilst out at appointment 3 and Asda, because the foil was ripped)
  6. Mop floor because washing machine is misbehaving
  7. Dress up and be on the door of a huge Halloween party & disco at the village hall (for work no.1), taking money from dozens of underfives, overfives and their suffering parents/grandparents (whilst boiling alive, constantly running out of change, struggling to rip off stubborn ‘you are owed a hotdog’ raffle tickets,and being assailed by smell of aforementioned hotdogs – which I wasn’t allowed to eat)
Since then I have put the shopping away and demanded that the children cook pizza and baked beans.

My feet are cold (no heating) and I request permission to lay down in a darkened room.


2 thoughts on “‘Twas NaNoWriMo Eve, And All Through The House…”

    • Yay! Another mad fool taking the plunge. It’s great to have company 😉 Good luck to him.
      You should give it a go yourself Daphne. You definitely have a novel in you.


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