When Is Writing Not Writing?

Er…well, that will be when instead of writing things you want to write, and/or that have a remote chance of earning you the price of a coffee (Asda’s own, mind, not Starbucks – let’s not aim tooo high), you find yourself writing other stuff.

Like red scrawls all over the Equality and Diversity policy for work, which make me realise that shortly I’ll need to grit my teeth and rewrite it, because the red scrawls now outnumber the sections of original unmolested text.

Ho hum.

Ignore me. I am in a whiny mood because I have a cold, the printer broke down and we had to by a new one, I’ve been trying to complete my tax return, and the house looks positively post-apocalyptic (or should that be negatively?). Plus, an editor I contacted about a local history article hasn’t got back to me yet (and here in Negativity Land, where as you can tell I am currently residing, I believe she probably Never Will Because I Am Not Worthy).

Oh and I’ve invited my Mum to stay for a while, which is fine except that it will mean vacating my study (and when I say vacating, I mean there will have to be a new home found for at least one desk, and all my gear).

Just thinking about all that untamed paper is making me shiver with dread. Or perhaps that’s just the Evil Germs of Doom.

Sniff. Whine. Did I mention I had a cold, LOL?! Bah, Humbug!

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