F is for Fun

And fun is something (contrary to the popular saying) that you can never have enough of.

Last year I went to a conference for Equality & Diversity Named Co-ordinators (because I am one. Not because I snuck in at the back for the free sarnies and fruit salad). There were some general talks & activities, and a choice of four workshops from which we could select two.

For some strange reason (!) I chose Storytelling with the inspirational Marion Leeper and Drama with Chris Manville, who trained and worked as an actor  on stage and screen before training in Early Years.

Both sessions were great, but during Chris’s session he discussed an idea that sounds obvious yet is really very profound – that when we are children we do creative things as and when we want to. We don’t worry about whether we’re any good at them; if we enjoy taking part in the activity, or find pleasure in the end result, we do it. So why is it as adults, we tend to think that it’s silly to do something unless you’re good at it?

How many adults paint or write without the notion – however misplaced it might be! – that they’re at least passably talented at it? How many adults do something creative JUST FOR FUN?

Not very many. So my challenge to you – this week, doing something you have enjoyed, secretly enjoy, or have always fancied having a go at. And if you enjoy it – Carry On Doing It. Just For Fun. Even if your cross-stitch teddy looks like a dog, your story makes no sense, your twisted-leg table looks like an accident in a B&Q power-tool demo or your watercolour inspires someone to remark sympathetically, ‘oh, what a shame you water pot spilled over it!’ No matter. Carry on anyway.

Of course, sometimes a surprise can be fun. That’s why this weekend we’re taking the children to-

Ah, sorry. If I told you I’d have to kill you. 🙂

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    • I’ll take that compliment partly on Chris’s behalf 🙂 He’s a very bubbly, inspiring person and I’m only sad that he doesn’t seem to have a website that I can direct people to.


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